I t’s the rainy season here in the Chicagoland area, and if you are beginning to notice a leak that you think could be due to an overdue chimney repair, it’s possible! Our clients out of Barrington, Chicago, Lake in the Hills, Lake Zurich, and Kildeer Lake Forest call in for these types of fixes all the time. If you live in one of these areas, or in a surrounding area, you could be having similar problems. But don’t worry, RB Chimney Repairs & Masonry Construction can help! Below are three of the most common issues we see:

Water getting past a Flue Liner

If water is trickling into your home through your chimney, the simplest fix is to have a chimney cap installed. During the summer months when we get a lot of rain in the midwest region, it’s easy for water to make its way down since the only think stopping it is the flue. The flue is a ceramic piece that controls the size of the opening that allows debris and smoke from a fireplace to travel out of your home. This is a really easy fix that we can help you with that can keep you from more expensive repairs down the line.

Damaged Brick and Mortar

Another possible cause for water entering your home could be due to the external structure of your chimney being damaged. Old brick and mortar can crumble making it easier for water to get in. Bringing in a team like RB Chimney Repairs & Masonry Construction is a reliable way to pin point those cracks in your chimney and keep the water leaks out!

Poorly Installed Chimney Flashing

The final cause for a leaky chimney could be because of what’s known as the Chimney flashing. This is the material that lines the point at which your roof meets your chimney. As mentioned in a previous post of ours, it’s hard to see these issues from the ground until it’s too late.

If you are concerned about a possible leak, please don’t hesitate to call RB Chimney Repairs & Masonry Constructions, at 708-370-0354, to come and inspect it!

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