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barrington-chimney-inspection-chicagoAccording to The Chimney Safety Institute of America a chimney should be inspected before buying a home and then at least every 12 months. Extreme weather in Chicago can expand and contract the mortar resulting in water damage. This causes cracked and crumbling bricks which ultimately leads to the deterioration of a chimney’s structural integrity.

Furthermore, during the winter months, chimneys are exposed to extreme cold then heat from the inside. That heat combined with fumes and all kinds of dust particles collect inside the chimney, making it additionally harmful for many homeowners. That’s why you want to hire an experienced chimney inspector to look for physical damage on the outside, blockage on the inside, inspection of interior walls as well as inner damage. Clients from Chicago to Barrington contact us for reliable chimney inspections.

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Our thorough and careful chimney inspection will alert you of any physical defects in the firebox or flue, build up of creosote or the presence of any blockages. Our chimney inspectors will  also check the structural integrity. Below are the levels we offer:


~ LEVEL 1 ~

Chimney Inspection

Our level 1 chimney inspection is a general complimentary analysis of the exterior and interior portions of the chimney, accessible portion of the appliance and chimney connection. A chimney technician will examine the chimney to check to see that the basic structure is intact and that there is no sign of any visible damage. 


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~ LEVEL 2 ~

Chimney Inspection

If it’s determined that there is damage to the chimney during a level 1 chimney inspection, then inspection 2 is necessary. In addition to the visual examinations from level 1 however, a level 2 chimney inspection includes the use of a video camera or other electronic device to examine the interior of the chimney’s structure. In particular, we’ll be checking the flue and looking for any damage to the chimney’s joints. We will not remove any of the structure or damaged areas in this inspection


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~ LEVEL 3 ~

Chimney Inspection

The most thorough  of chimney inspections is our level 3 inspection. Our chimney technicians will examine the hidden areas of the chimney and recommend this level if there appears to be serious damage to the chimney. This inspection sometimes includes the removal of certain parts of the building or chimney structure if necessary. 


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Rafal and his team were amazing. They worked with my husband and I to build a custom outdoor fireplace for our home in Barrington. Their masonry skills were impressive. They were polite, on-time and finished the project a day early. Thanks guys. Would recommend them.

BonnieHomeowner, Outdoor Fireplace in Barrington

Due to extreme weather elements and over usage our home in Lake Zurich needed chimney repairs & restoration. Rafal arrived promptly, providing us all our options to repair the chimney and restore a small section. Excellent Work. It looks as good as it did when we moved in.

ChuckHomeowner, Chimney Repair Lake Zurich

I'm wondering why we never contacted these guys sooner! The exterior of our chimney needed tuck pointing. We live in Lake Forest and they came out the same day to help! Very happy with the work.

JohnHomeowner, Tuckpointing

Called Rafal about stone installation around the exterior of our home. He and his team were fantastic. Arrived promptly, very reasonably priced and fantastic craftsmanship. Couldn't be happier!

PaulHomeowner, Exterior Stone Installation